27 August 2014

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Queen Boadicea Rallying Her Army

Queen Boadicea Rallying Her Army
"Wait and see, what justice can be, delivered by a woman, mightier than thee!

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"Amazons Vs. Greeks" Battle by David Saccheri (click pic for hi-res)

"Amazons Vs. Greeks" Battle by David Saccheri (click pic for hi-res)
"You abduct our freakin' queen, steal our bleedin' horses, and then you have the cheek to ask us women to go out with ya?"

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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Amazon Fights: music video

Happy New Year! As a special treat, I have just uploaded a fantastic music video, produced in Russia, that depicts women warriors in a variety of duels. The production has top-notch costumes, weapons, and fight choreography. This a stage production, not film, and I hope to get more videos from DEAvision1.

You may click this post's title to view the "Amazon Fights" music video. It has also been added to my "Women Warrior Videos" library.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

"Death Of Camilla" painting

In Roman mythology, Camilla, the warrior queen of the Volscians who were allied with King Turnus of Latium (Italy), came to his assistance when his country was invaded by Aeneas, the Trojan prince who had fled Troy. Camilla slew many Trojans and their Etruscan allies, but finally was killed herself by Aruns, an Etruscan warrior. Aruns was later slain by one the Goddess Diana's archers in vengenace.

I have placed "Death Of Camilla", a painting by Maicar Forlag (1927), now housed in the Liebig Museum in Germany, in the blog's "Art Gallery". Go the "Table Of Contents" for a quick link to the gallery and you will find this painting the fourth one down. This version shows Camilla mortally wounded by an arrow and being attended by her female captains. The painting is of the few known which depicts the death of Camilla.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Phoenix The Warrior: gladiatrix fights

"Phonnix The Warrior" wasn't the most fantastic of women warrior movies, but it was typcial of the 1970-80's futuristic Amazon movie. For those who love gladiatrix combats, please click the title to see Phoenix fighting a few gladiatrices. Not the finest example of female combat, but entertaining.
I've placed this clip into my video library.

"Lost World" gladiatrix fights

Here's an exciting You Tube movie clip from "The Lost World", starring Veronica Marguerite. It depicts Amazons dueling with swords and even has one mass battle. It's non-lethal, but their fencing is not bad. Weapons and armor are spot-on for this sort of thing. Please click post's title to jump to link. I've also placed it in my video library here. Hope you enjoy it and please comment.

Friday, October 30, 2009

"Spartan Queen" art

I just uploaded a new artwork, "Spartan Queen", by artist Tariq12. It's located under the "Blog News" section so you can use the "Table Of Contents" to jump near it. It's a thrilling render of a warrior queen in a bloody combat and I hope that you like it.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gladiatrix Fight Video

Here's a short You Tube video from an acting conservatory where two actresses perform as gladiatrices. Their swordfight is brief but they put on an interesting show and it ends with one dying bravely. I wish they had worn more classical armor, but their swords looked like they were made well. Please click this post's title to jump to the link. I have also placed the video in the blog's "Video Library".

"Warrior Princesses" video

I found a new women-warrior video on You Tube called "Warrior Princesses". It had a few artworks that I haven't seen before and the video, although quite short, was overall very good. Fantastic sound track, also. Please click this post's title to jump to the link there. I also placed this video in the blog's "Video Library".

Monday, October 5, 2009

"Valkyries Art" video

Please enjoy my latest video, "Valkyries Art", which I just uploaded to "You Tube." Seventeen fantastic pictures of these Norse, women warriors from Scandinavian mythology. The Valkyries were daughters of Odin who swooped down on battlefields, selected the bravest slain fighters, and conveyed them on winged horses to Valhalla. These ladies were truly the "The Choosers Of The Slain". Background music is "The Flight Of The Valkryies" by Richard Wagner.

I have a playlist, also, on "You Tube", under my username, AmazonArtCollector, and all of my videos are in the video library here.

Please click this post's title to jump to the video. I have also placed in the blog's "Video Library".

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Deathstalker IV: video clip, two swordswomen fight

I just added an interesting You Tube video clip from the movie "Deathstalker IV" that features two swordswomen fighting a death match. One is good, the other evil. I added the clip to my "Video Library" and you can also click the title to jump right to it. Hope you like it.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"War Goddess" (1974) Amazons vs Greeks video clip

I found the "War Goddess" (1974) video clip, while searching my videos that I've backed up, that was deleted from You Tube. This clip depicts the famous battle between Queen Antiope's Amazon cavalry and King Theseus's Greek army who's holding her captive. "War Goddess" is the English dubbed, Italian version of "The Amazons", released to U.S. audiences the same year.

Directed by Terrence Young, of "Star Wars" fame, "War Goddess" features several action clips depicting Amazon life and combat. My favorite is this clip as it shows Amazons wearing period costumes, with authentic weapons, using good horsewomanship, and excellent fight scenes.

Please clip the above link to view it, plus I've placed in my "Video Library" on the blog. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

"The Amazons" movie trailer

The two "War Goddess" (1974) clip links linked to You Tube in my "Video Library" have been removed by the uploader. Luckily, I have replaced it with the trailer from the American version, called "The Amazons", also from 1974. Some of the battle scenes from the deleted clips can be found in the trailer so hope that you enjoy it. You can also click the link above to view the trailer.

Friday, July 3, 2009

No Further Updates

Although my blog has a decent monthly visitor count, I'm not getting comments to my posts. I've tried to write posts that would encourage discussion about woman-warrior art, video, and stories, but apparently none of you visitors want to reply. So, after more than three years in operation, I've decided that it's time to put the blog into archive status in Blogger.

For me, a successful blog is not how many visitors I have each month, but whether visitors care enough about my uploads and posts to make comments. If I wanted to build a website with a gigantic art gallery, I would have purchased a domain name rather than use Blogger.

What "archive status" means is that my blog will still be up and remain in the Google database, but I will no longer perform my monthly updates or continue posting. However, if visitors do read this post and start commenting on my previous posts, than it's possible that I may change my mind.

I've enjoyed sharing my art, story, and video collection with you. Thanks to all of you for visiting Werewolfking's Howl.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Women Warriors History Video

Here's an informative montage of the history of women warriors from World War II to the modern era. Lots of vintage and current war photos from the U.S., U.K., and other nations. Please click the above link to view it. I've also added it to the "Video Library". Hope you like it and please reply with your comments here.

Friday, June 5, 2009

New Women-Warrior Art Uploads (June)

This month's art uploads features: "Alani Of The Deer Folk", a warrior from the Stone Age by Nat Rat, an artist new to me that I'm encouraging. You may visit his gallery by clicking http://www.renderosity.com/mod/gallery/browse.php?user_id=575954.

Additional fine works are "Clash", a duel of two axe-wielders on horseback; "B.C. Hunters", another example of Stone Age art; "Battle Of The Amazons", a classical painting by the Italian painter Antonio Tempesta (fl. 16th Century); "Dragon Slayer", an interesting render of a dragon that appears tamed by a woman.

Our guest ranter-rendering is "Saber Lady", a lady who brandishes a sharp sword and is out-spoken about the right of a woman to carry a weapon.

While the female "Zorro", Tessa, star of "The Queen Of Swords", is no longer on television, you may view an official photo of her near the bottom of the blog, plus a video clip of her at the "Video Library" here. For more clips of her shows on You Tube.com, click http://www.youtube.com/results?search_type=&search_query=queen+of+swords+clip&aq=f.

Please enjoy this month's uploads and feel free to reply here with your comments. Also, please note that the "Video Library" has had several additions recently (see previous posts) that you should check out.

Monday, May 25, 2009

New Video: "Amazon Knights Of The Sangreal"

Please enjoy my latest music video, "Amazon Knights Of The Sangreal", on Vimeo.com. Down through the ages women warriors of royal blood have donned armour and taken up weapons as knights. They fought evil and vanquished injustices and we should honor them.

Please click the above title to jump to the video. I have also added it to the "Video Library" here. I would appreciate it if you would comment both here and on the video at You Tube.com, and don't forget to rate it. Thanks.

Wounded Warriors Project


As a Viet Nam veteran, I mourned on Memorial Day for my fallen comrades. But, I'm concerned that many Americans solemnly watched or attended that day's events without understanding what happened to the families of slain soldiers or disabled veterans. Sadly, many concert watchers were thinking, "Thank God my husband, wife, son, or daughter didn't have to fight in that hell-hole in the Mid-East."

The "Wounded Warrior Project" (http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/) is a non-profit organization, sanctioned by the V.A., that assists the families of V.A. patients. The W.W.P. provides free services such as emotional support, food denotations, performance of household chores, transportation to the V.A., and etc. to needy veterans' families. So, don't just thank veterans for serving; ask them what you can do to help them or just donate to the W.W.P.

Please, on this "Remembrance Day", never forget that someone gave their lives, more now are wheel-chair bound, and many of their families became impoverished, in the defense of our nation.

I especially want to thank America's military women for their devotion to democracy, their bravery, and their sacrifice so that we can remain free. To learn more about what servicewomen are doing today, please visit:
American: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ivcqybb6UWA.
International: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCmppOwVPFg

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Women Dragon Slayers

Please enjoy my latest (four so far and more to come) video upload to You Tube.com. Entitled "Women Dragon Slayers", it depicts brave women warriors fighting ferocious dragons. I selected some of the finest artworks from my personal collection and added the spine-tingling "In The Hall Of The Mountain King" music to the video.

Please click this post's title to jump to it. I have also added it to the blog's "Video Library". After you watch the video, please add your rating and comments to it so that my video's ranking on You Tube.com will rise. And, please reply to this post with your comments.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Amazons Video

I found an intersting video, "Proud Amazons" on You Tube that I thought that you all would enjoy. I think that you will see some art that you've haven't seen before and you'll like the Batman background music. I added this video to the "Video Library". Please click the link above to jump to the video.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Joan Of Arc: her story and her art

Today, May 8, French Catholics celebrate the liberation of Orleans, France by St. Joan of Arc. Never has one so young been the general of a nation's army nor sacrificed as much as she did for her king and country. So, in honor of this great woman warrior, and in tribute to the people of France, I invite you to view these two links:

1) "Joan of Arc" video from YouTube.com: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjGJyV98jFw. There are many videos on YouTube depicting her, but I think this one is quite lovely and is my favorite.

2) "Joan of Arc" tribute site: http://home.earthlink.net/~werewolfking/JoanOfArc/JoanOfArc.htm. This site is a multi-media presentation about Joan of Arc. Designed by yours truly, it's a summation of her life and accomplishments using text, art, and music.

I hope that you enjoy them and please leave your comments here.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Women Warriors Art Uploads: May 2009

Please enjoy two artworks depicting women fighting dragons, a thrilling gladiatrix piece by the renowned Poser artist Art Leslie, and an interesting 2D drawing showing a mounted warrioress on a dinosaur.

Visitors, please remember that my site is a blog and not a website. I not only want you to enjoy all the art, stories, videos, and links here, but also to reply with your comments to my posts. I would like to know your opinions about what I offer here and also to start threads about any subject in my posts that interest you. Please not only read the current posts, but feel free to browse the post archives. And, don't forget to vote in my poll.

It takes a lot of work to maintain this site. I analyze my visitor stats often and I know that I have thousands of visitors every month spending time here. This blog is always on page one or two of any relevant Google search so I know that it's popular. Please remember that with my blog feeding a lot of RSS feeds that your replies to my posts are not only seen here, but immediately on other art blogs as well.

I read every reply to this blog and only moderate to prevent spammers from posting here. If you have something to say, whether pro or con or just want to honk your horn about women warriors, please don't be shy and join in. Thanks!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

"Wonder Woman - 2009" movie: video clip

If you haven't rented the new "Wonder Woman - 2009" movie, you are missing a real treat. It's an awesome animated work with some great Amazon battles. I think this movie is the finest "Wonder Woman" ever done. Please click on this post's title to view the first ten minutes of the movie.

You will enjoy watching Queen Hippolyta and her Amazon army battle the war god, Ares, and his army of thugs and creatures. It's not the greatest video capture, but it was the only one on You Tube that had the Amazon battle opening sequence. I placed this video in the "Video Library". I also have the gladiatrix fight from this movie in the "Video Library". I hope that you enjoy this movie.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"Queen Of Swords" video

Who was that swordfighter behind the lace mask and wearing leather? Why none other than Tessia, the female Zorro, from the short-lived, but exciting TV series, "Queen Of Swords". Please click the title to view the trailer. I also placed this video in my "Video" library. YouTube has other video from different episodes, but I like this trailer the best as it displays Tessia at her finest.

Here's another "Queen Of Swords" video that you will enjoy. It depicts the duel between Tessia and a female swordswoman, named "The Dragon", who was hired to kill Tessia. Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8OtoFbqHsk and it's been added to the "Video Library".

Friday, April 3, 2009

Women Warriors Art: April 2009 Update

"WEREWOLFKING'S HOWL" THIRD ANNIVERARY: Three years ago this month, I decided that some enthusiasts of the women-warriors art genre would enjoy visiting a new site offering high-quality, non-X-rated art and stories. Plus, it would be free, with no annoying pop-ups or spyware. It took a lot of hard work, but eventually this blog started crawling its way to the top of the search lists. I later added a "Video Library" which has been a tremendous success.

As I enter my fourth year of blogging, I hope that, with your help and support, my blog will continue to offer you the kind of entertainment and education, plus a few surprises, that you crave. Thanks for making this blog a success!

Starting this month, all monthly updates will be announced and described in the "Posts" section of the blog. The "Blog News" section has been reduced to non-update topics. Today, I have uploaded four new artworks into the "Art Gallery" and a new photo at the bottom of the blog. Please see the previous post for the last poll results. During the past month, I have also uploaded a few new videos into the "Video Library" and also removed several. Several new links have also been added to the "Links Library".

NEW POLL: Which website will be the most popular in the future concerning the women-warrior art and video genre? What I mean by "most popular" isn't the total-visitor count as recorded by the site's stat counter. What I want to know is which site do you believe will interest the search engines' "web crawlers" the most in the future. Thanks for participating.

Please remember that I update this blog on the first Friday of each month. However, as I may also upload something exciting at any time, you are advised to subscribe to the posts and replies via the "RSS" feeds located at the top left of this blog.

I hope that you enjoy my blog. I encourage you to reply to any Post so that not only can I receive your comments, but for you to start a discussion. Thanks for visiting!

Opinion Poll Results And Commentary

Based on 29 respondents, here are the results from the last opinion poll concerning your favorite website for women-warrior art and stories:

62%: Free web gallery
27%: Yahoo art group
4%: Google art group
3%: Google Blogger art blog
3%: Google, Yahoo, MSN image gallery
0%: Pay website

My comments: While I was disappointed at the low result for the "Google Blogger art blog", I was surprised at the lack of interest in pay websites. Art blogs in Google Blogger vary widely in both quality and content. However, based on my statistical analysis of my visitor count, time-on-site, and other factors, I'm satisfied with the popularity of this blog.

"Werewolfking's Howl" blog has a high score with Google, Google Blogger, Yahoo, and MSN search engines when a user inputs "women warriors art" and other similiar key words. It's always found on the first or second page of these searches. This blog now averages about 5K visitors per month, with about half returning and about half new visitors.

Please remember that the "web crawlers" who evaluate the ranking of a website use many factors when determining it's position in a search engine. Contrary to popular opinion, the "total visitor count", as recorded by the search engine and not by the user's own counter, is but one factor used to determine whether a site is easily found or not. My thanks to all of you for making this blog a success.

Friday, March 27, 2009

SCA Renaissance Fair video, man vs woman duel

The Society For Creative Anachronism (SCA) is an international, non-profit organization devoted to recreating history. Their members, men and women, stage a variety of fairs from the ancient world through the modern era. I search for woman-warrior vids from the SCA on "You Tube" featuring women warriors. I'll try to add more if I can find some really interesting ones.

Please click the title to enjoy a scene from one of their 2007 American Renaissance Fairs, location unknown. It depicts an 18th Century "CastleFest" where a woman duels a man using a variety of weapons. I also added to the "Video Library". So far, I have added two SCA vids to this library so check out the other one under "SCA".

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Two Women Swordfight

The video clip show the death of the warrior queen, Camilla, by an arrow, was removed by the owner from You Tube. I'll try to find a replacement.

The video clip of two women in a fatal swordfight, from "The Phantom Empire" was removed by You Tube for a "term of use" violation. I have replaced it with "Two Women Swordfight", which is a choreographed, stage duel from Anime Cinematography. Please click the title for the link. I have also added it to my "Video Library".

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"Babes With Blades" martial arts video

As some of you may have noticed, I recently dropped two of my video links, "Babes and Blades I & II", from the "Video Library". The problem was that these two You Tube links were dropped by You Tube due to a "terms of use violation". Please leave me a comment if you find a dead link, although I do check all links at least once a month.

However, I was able to find a replacement which I believe you will find quite entertaining. It's called "Babes With Blades", and you may click the title to view it and I have placed it in the the "Video Library". It's a promo video from a UK touring company featuring a group of women martial artists performing a lovely ballet with weapons (sorry, no blood!). Their website is http://www.babeswithblades.co.uk. I hope that you enjoy it and please reply here with your comments.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Fantasy Amazon Warrior Art Uploads

This month, the Rotating Gallery features a sentry guarding a castle (please note the intricate armour), a battle scene depicting the death of a portly knight, a wicked sword duel of two topless women, and a lovely guardian angel.

The "Warrior Speaks Out" feature depicts a female Spartan warrior. Although it wouldn't be part of normal Spartan culture to allow a woman warrior, this lady demands her chance to join their fierce army. This month's "Woman Rant" picture depicts an archer. Also, a number of new videos have been added to the "Video Library" so please check them out.

I hope that you like the new changes to my blog's format. If you have any comments about the uploads, suggestions for my blog, or you would like to start a discussion, this post or any other is a good start if you enjoy blogging or just want to say something concerning women warriors. Just click the "Comments" icon located below each post and follow the on-screen instructions.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"Wonder Woman 2009": Gladiatrix Fight Video Clip

Click this post's title to view a new trailer for the animated movie, "Wonder Woman 2009". This vid clip depicts a short gladiatrix swordfight. Non-lethal, but still an entertaining show. I placed this clip into the blog's "Video Library".

Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Link: Spartan And Amazon Warriors History And Re-Enactments

The blog is now linked to a new site called "Spartan And Amazon Warriors". Click this post's title to jump to the site. It's also found in the blog's "For More Info" link library. The site is rich in history about Ancient Greece and is owned by a re-enactment group. I'm hoping to see more Amazon photos and information as the site grows as it's a bit new right now. Please check it out and let me know what you think about it by commenting here.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

SCA Swordfighting Re-enactment

This video clip is a good example of what the SCA (Society For Creative Anachronism) does during their fairs. Please click the title to jump to the link. This video clip has also been placed in my Video Library as "SCA Medieval Sword Fight: Man Vs. Woman".

The video takes place in Germany where a man and woman duel using rapiers. While the man has a small shield, the braver woman only wields her sword with much ferocity and skill. While I have a considerable amount of SCA artwork, this is my first video clip so I will try to obtain more.

Monday, February 9, 2009

New Women Warriors Video Clips

I just uploaded new video clips into the blog's "Video Library" (see my Table Of Contents" for the quick link to it). There, you'll find six exciting video clips from the following movies: "Barbarian Queen II", "War Goddess" (2 clips), and "Battle Of The Amazons" (2 clips).

Although many of you have already seen "Barbarian Queen II", for those who haven't, I think you will find this clip gripping.

The "War Goddess" clips contain some wickedly thrilling battle scenes of Amazons attacking a village. This movie is available for rent from Netflix.com or Blockbuster.com. I've never seen this movie before so I'm looking forward to my copy coming Tuesday.

The "Battle Of The Amazons" clips are the main battle scenes from this rare movie. They are quite entertaining, but the scenes featuring masked women are in fact played by men. Sadly, this movie is not available for rent. Amazon.com has this movie for sale at $175.00 US the last time I checked. I actually saw this movie when I was a kid.

Hope you enjoy these clips, and please, reply here with your comments. I'm working very hard to build a huge collection of women-warrior video clips, many hard-to-find.

Friday, February 6, 2009

"Last Glory Of Troy" Update

I got my copy of the "Last Glory Of Troy" DVD, which is a two-movie set called "The Gods Of War". This movie is a colorized version of "The Avenger". Sadly, the warrior-queen Camilla had only a small role in the movie. Her death scene, which I have in my "Video Library", is her finest moment. The pathetic scene in which she sword whacks a few Trojan warriors isn't worth ripping. With Trojan arrows flying towards her cavalry, all she's wearing is a short leather armour and she has no shield.

If you want to see a movie about the "Aenead", then this cinema offers you a glimpse, but corrupts the myth. And, the video and audio quality is poor.

February 09: Women Warriors Art & Video Uploads

As so many bloggers and visitors have linked to my blog via RSS feed, starting today I will post when I have new art, pictures, videos, or links to announce. Todays uploads include the regular monthly artworks in the "Rotating Gallery" plus four new additions into the "Permanent Gallery". In addition, there are many new vidclips in the "Video Library", including the hard-to-find "Barbarian Invasion" battle from "Hundra".

I would like to invite you to reply here with your comments or feedback. Thanks.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Unknown VidClip Identified

My thanks to ThroneOfFire who kindly identified the vidclip that I last posted. It's called the "La Leggenda di Enea" or the "Last Glory Of Troy" and also known as "The Avenger". Please click on this post's title to jump to the Internet Movie Database to learn more about this movie.

The movie is a classic Steve Reeves, Italian-made sword-and-sandle movie about the invasion of Etruscan Italy by the Trojan refugees led by Aeneas. One of the allies of Turnus, king of Etrusca, is the warrior-queen Camilla, who brought a small army of women to battle the invaders. The vidclip I found shows either the death of Camilla herself, although "The Illiad" shows her dying by a javelin, or one of her warrior women.

I'm going to try to obtain a DVD of this movie and rip some women-warrior battlscenes from it and upload them into my You Tube account. If any of you visitors has this DVD and would like to do the same, you'll have my thanks.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Please Help Identify This Amazon Warrior Movie (click title to view clip)

I found a very short clip on You Tube depicting a woman warrior being shot by an arrow during a battle. However, the movie wasn't identified by the uploader, YanaAmazon. I emailed this person who informed me that he/she didn't know the movie's title.

This video clip is monotone and appears to be an early Amazon movie made in the 1940's or 1950's. I thought that I'd seen and collected every woman-warrior ever made, but this one eludes me. If anybody knows the title of this movie, please comment here. If anybody has additional video clips of this movie, please upload them to You Tube. I can then add a few to my video-clip library so others can easily find them.

Please click on this post's title to view the video clip. Thanks. :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

If "Page Temporarily Unavailable" For A Story Appears

The blog's photo- and short-stories hits are, in some months, exceeding my allowable page loads for these files. If that happens, my FTP's webmaster will post "Page Temporarily Unavailable" when you click on one. The stories will become available on the first day of the following month should this event occur. No other part of the blog is affected!

My analysis of my visitor statistics revealed to me that the stories are becoming more popular; therefore, my One GB allowance on my FTP server that stores these files is exceeded in some months. I apologize for any inconvenience, but please remember, the stories will come back the first day of the next month should this lack of access happen to you.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Hundra" Barbarian Invasion vidclip

Thanks to a friend, I was able to locate the rare vidclip from the movie, "Hundra", where the barbarian horde invades the Amazon village. The men slaughter the women, but not without the ladies putting up a stout fight. Please go to "Video Library" (see Table Of Contents in blog), and click on "Hundra" Barbarian Invasion link.
The library already has the other two great battlescenes from "Hundra" so do check them out.

Monday, January 12, 2009

"Battle Of The Amazons" clip

I just added a fight scene from the "Battle Of The Amazons" movie. Made in 1974, it wasn't the greatest of Amazon warrior movies, and the audio is terrible, but the movie is rare in full-length and very expensive. Clips are tough to find, but I finally located a thrilling fight scene on You Tube. Please go to my "Video Library" and click on "Battle Of The Amazons" clip. Also, you'll find a few more videos that I added recently.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

About David Saccheri, "Amazons Vs. Greeks" painting

Here's some information about famed artist, David Saccheri, who drew the "Amazon Vs. Greeks" painting displayed on my blog. You may click this post's title to view the hi-res version if you haven't already seen it.

Email reply from WOA.tv: Hi Wolfy- We appreciate the feedback on the painting! A lot of work went into it. It was an original painting that woa.tv produced collaboratively together with its sister companies Rearden Studios and Ice Blink Studios, and we contracted with David Saccheri as the master painter of the final work. The production involved: 1. researching accurate period clothing, weapons, armor and architecture 2. hiring professional fight directors and actors/actresses to pose in realistic combat positions 3. renting costumes and weapons from Hollywood studios 4. photographing the actors/actresses in costume with weapons for foreground battles 5. creating 3D renderings of many of the background battles 6. then, having David select and composite the elements for reference and then hand-paint the scene artistically and dramatically 7. And, after that, there were several iterations between David and the production team and combat/historical experts until the scene was not only exciting and beautiful, but quite historically accurate and realistic, particularly taking into consideration what the fight directors (one of whom was a woman) felt would be the way that women would fight in that era. You may note details like the woman on the left driving her knee into the thigh of an opponent near an arrow wound. Given her smaller frame, there is the sort of opportunity a woman would exploit in close combat. In each case, we were unable to find an image that we felt accurately represented the historical characters, so we produced our own. We hope to produce more in the future. David does do commissioned artwork, but mostly portraiture. This was a unusual project for him, closer to the work that he has done for motion pictures [Star Trek I]while working for Ice Blink than his usual work, and as described above, it was a very complex production involving a large team. David’s website is: http://www.goldenhourart.com/. Best, Lisajo Cohen Executive Assistant Women of Action Media

Email from David Saccheri: I received a reply today from him. I changed this pic on my blog so that when you click on it, you will get the hi-res version. He informed me that he has no interest in uploading art to any free gallery or blog. (sigh). He does have a business relationship with WOA.tv, who did pay him for his work, but he earns a fine living as a cinema artist and does sell art from his Net gallery. In fact, other than WOA.tv and his Golden Hour Art gallery at http://goldenhourart.com he has no Net presence at all. He does promptly respond to email, so if any of you of you artist chaps want to ask him to donate art somewhere, please give it a go. And, if you are a collector, please give him a big thanks for allowing us to view his art. As for downloading his art, both WOA.tv and Mr. Saccheri have no problem with us downloading art from either WOA.tv or his own site. As always, the art must be for our own use, not sold, nor may we place hi-res art directly on our sites (we are being allowed to link to woa.tv for hi-res versions if we want).

"Wolfy's Howl" Blog News

I recently switched from cable Net to DSL Net so I lost my access to my previous ISP's FTP server. Therefore, as my photo-stories and short-story libraries were hosted on the FTP server, I had to delete both libraries. I hope that most of you had a chance to read these stories. Sadly, I haven't found a way to put them back on the blog.


One of my biggest problems with art collecting is authors not signing their work. While I sometimes use unsigned art, I also would like to give the artist credit. So, if anybody thinks they know the artist of any unknown picture here, please leave me a comment on any of my posts. Thanks.

Thanks to everybody for making the blog a success.


Artist: White Coma

A Gladiatrix Speaks Out:

"[Men tell women it's not ladylike to wield a sword.] Well, ever the man in men! Let a woman know her place: let her milk and spin and sew and bake and bear children, not look upon her threshold or the command of her lord and master! Bah! I spit on you all!

There is no man alive who can face me with weapons and live, and before I die, I'll prove it to the world. Women! Cows! Slaves! Whimpering, cringing serfs, crouching to blows ...

Ha! You deny me a place among men? By God, I'll live as I please and die as God wills, but if I'm not fit to be a man's comrade, at least I'll be no man's mistress."

From: The Encylopedia Of Amazons, by Jessica Amanda Salmanson, p. 4.

"Close Quarters" by Bodak

"Close Quarters" by Bodak
"Not in strength are we inferior to men; the same our eyes, our limbs the same; one common light we see, one air we breathe, nor different is the food we eat. What then has heaven denied to us that the Gods have bestowed on men"? "Aethiops" by Quintus Smyrnus

Topless Duel

Topless Duel
Artist: Galerie Alter Meister, 1905


To download picture, right-click mouse on image, click "Save Picture As", name file, click "Save". All artworks here were downloaded from free galleries and are considered to be "Fair Use" as described above. My thanks to all artists who contributed to those galleries.

I have a huge and expanding collection of art and update this "Rotating Gallery" monthly.

"Last Charge Of The Amazons"

"Last Charge Of The Amazons"
Artist: Zpapageo

"Death Of Camilla" (Aenaeid)

"Death Of Camilla" (Aenaeid)
Artist: Maicar Forlag (Liebig Museum)


Artist: TalonGE

"Dragon Slayer"

"Dragon Slayer"
Source: wallpapers.net

"Neighborhood Watch"

"Neighborhood Watch"
Artist: Chris Achilleos