27 August 2014

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Queen Boadicea Rallying Her Army

Queen Boadicea Rallying Her Army
"Wait and see, what justice can be, delivered by a woman, mightier than thee!

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"Amazons Vs. Greeks" Battle by David Saccheri (click pic for hi-res)

"Amazons Vs. Greeks" Battle by David Saccheri (click pic for hi-res)
"You abduct our freakin' queen, steal our bleedin' horses, and then you have the cheek to ask us women to go out with ya?"

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gladiatrix artwork

Please check out my latest artwork upload, "Gladiatrix", by White Coma from Deviant Art.  It's in my art gallery located after the "Blog News".

Monday, November 21, 2011

Jungle Women Sword Fight

I just uploaded "Jungle Women Sword Fight" clip from You Tube.  It's a tough one to find there, so enjoy it by clicking this post's title.  I also added it to my Video Library, along with some others.  This clip, from some unknown foreign movie, depicts two jungle Amazons dueling with swords that look like Roman long swords.  Their fencing technique is above average and they look like they want to kill each other for some unexplanined reason.  The only sad thing is that the uploader clipped the video too short so we don't see the ending.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gladiatrix vs Gladiator Fights

I just uploaded a new Italian reenactment of three fights between a gladiatrix and a gladiator into my Video library.  The men and women wear authentic armour and costumes but the weapons appear to meet the non-hazardous SCA standard but are authentic-looking.  However, the warriors do put on exciting matches that I think you'll enjoy.  You may click this post's title to jump to the link.

Here's another one that you may enjoy:  click Gladiatrix Fight

Saturday, October 29, 2011

"Victor" picture

New upload:  "Victor" picture in my art gallery.  Looks like she either just came back from war or is a gladiatrix emerging victorious.  Good rendering so check it out.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Slaves Of The Realm: women swordfight clip

I just uploaded a new video clip from You Tube.  Entitled "Slaves Of The Realm", this clip features two women swordfighting.  One has a rapier from the 18th Century and the other has what appears to be an ancient Roman long sword.  It's an oddball match in an 18th Century Italian setting, but the match is not bad to watch and it does end fatally. 

You can click this post's title to jump to the clip.  I have also placed in my Viedo Library, which has really grown to give you hours of entertainment.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Battle Of The Amazons (1973) video clip

I just found a video from You Tube which is a collage of film clips from "Battle Of The Amazons" 1973.  It's got some exciting action scenes and is typical of Amazon movies of that era.  You may click this post's title to jump to the link.  I have also added to my Video library next to the movie's trailer.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Spartan (Thalestris) Woman Warrior

Near the top of the blog, you will see a new artwork:  "Spartan Woman Warrior" by George Napier.  It's a dramatic piece depicting a heroric female Spartan warrior under attack but defending herself well.  Hope you enjoy it.

Monday, June 20, 2011

"The Light Bearer" book cover art

I just uploaded the book cover art from "The Light Bearer" by author Donna Gillespie and cover artist Steve Assel.  I have placed the picture right under the "Blog News" so use the Table of Contents to jump right there.

I just started reading this book and it's an exciting story about the life of Auriane, a warrior-priestess destined to lead her Germanic tribe against Emperor Nero's Roman legions.  She is fated to oppose Marcus Julianus, governor of Germania, and lead a revolt against Roman domination.

Ms. Gillespie has done a fabulous job of researching the life of the Germanic tribes and Rome during the 1st Century A.D.  The book has lots of battle action, excellent characterization and settings, plus some romantic scenes.  It's quite a tome at almost 800 pages but you won't be able to put it down.

I bought the book on Amazon.com for less than $10 new so you can still get a good deal there while the copies last.  I hope you enjoy the cover art as it was a bit of work finding it in decent resolution and also that several book covers were used.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Dragon Slayer" picture

I found a fantastic picture of a woman warrior battling a dragon.  The background shows other warriors.  The dragon is spitting flames at the warrior as she uses her shield to ward off the fire as she readies her sword for an attack.  I placed this art just under my "Poll".  Click on "Poll" in my Table of Contents and it will be right under the poll. Hope you enjoy it.

Monday, May 30, 2011

"Gladiatrix Swordfight" picture

I just added a very realistic color drawing, pen and ink, of two gladiatrix fighting with sword and shield.  It's located in my "Women Warriors Art Gallery".  Just click on "Art Gallery" in my Table of Contents at the top of the blog to jump to this gallery.  Hope you enjoy it.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Gladiatrix Fight

Here's a good gladiatrix fight from an Italian gladiator reenactment society.  The swordfight is quite entertaining, and does end with a death scene.  Please click title to view the video from You Tube.  I have also placed it in my Video Library. Hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mata Hari swordfight clip

There is a gratuitous scene in the "Mata Hari" movie (1985) where Syliva Krystal (Mata Hari) has a swordfight with an unnamed female rival.  Just click this post's title to jump to the clip and drag the time bar over to 1:56.  The scene is very short but if you watch it in "expand", you'll get to see a fine topless swordfight, fem on fem.  I have also placed this clip into my Video Library.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Roma Victrix: book trailer video

Gladiatrix Lysandra is back with author Russell Whitfield's new book, "Roma Victrix".  The valiant lady battles a whole host of viscious women with a variety of weapons.  I'm hoping to get a copy of the book from Amazon.  In the mean time, please enjoy the video clip advertising his book.  You may click this post's title to jump to the You Tube video.  I have also placed the video in my video library under Roma Victrix.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Table Of Contents Now Working

In order to use my blog's "Table Of Contents" using IE9, please add blogger.com to your Compatability Viewer's list of sites.  That will allow you to view the blog as if it was in IE8.  To access the Compatability View in IE9, go to your Tools at the top menu bar, select "Compatability View Settings", add "blogger.com", save, then refresh the page. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mask Of Zorro: Zorro vs Elena Swordfight

I just added the famous swordfight scene between Zorro and Elena from "The Mark Of Zorro" movie.  She has some great moves and the scene is a bit sexy, too. Just look in my Video Library under "Mark Of Zorro".

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Thor & The Amazon Women" broken link fixed

I noticed that the user on You Tube had deleted his video depicting the gladiatrix battles from "Thor & The Amazn Women".  Luckily, another user had uploaded the entire film.  So, to view the gladiatrix scenes, just drag the time bar on the video to 0:38 minutes and you'll jump right to it.  These are some of the gladiatrix scenes filmed so if you haven't seen them, check them out.  Please report via a comment to any post here if you notice a broken link anywhere.  Thanks.

Friday, March 4, 2011

New Poll: Which is your favorite Amazon movie?

Please visit my User Poll section to vote on your favorite Amazon movie.  I have selected three movie clips:  "Hundra":  barbarian invasion of her Amazon village, "Thor & The Amazon Women":  gladiatrix fights, and "War Goddess":  Amazons vs Greeks.  All three of these vid clips can be found in my Video Libary.  Just go to my Table of Contents and click on "Video Library".  All the vids are in alphbetical order. 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Armored Woman Fights Armored Man Video

Here's a new video I found on You Tube.  It depicts an armored woman fighting an armored man, both using broadswords.  It has classy music and an interesting plot twist at the end.  It's German made so brush up on your German to understand the dialoge, but the costuming and set are fantastic.  Looks like a Renaissance fair done by the chaps at SAC.  Please click this post's title to jump to the video. I have also placed in my Video Library.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

"Conan The Barbarian" music removed

I have removed the background music from the blog in the hope that more visitors will stay longer.  My Statcounter revealed that about half of my visitors are just doing a drive-by so I would like to see if removing the music increases their visit time.  Please leave comment on what you think about my latest change.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Queen And Slave" artwork

Please checkout my latest addition to my art gallery, "Queen And Slave" by JurgenDoe.  It's a fantastic rendering of a woman warrior posed with a tiger.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Russ Whitfield Artwork Uploaded

I just uploaded an artwork from Russ Whitfield's, the author of "Gladiatrix" and other novels, new site, http://www.warrioress.co.uk/.  The render features a sword duel between two actresses, "Falconex" and "Boadecia".  The picture is located in my "Art Gallery" section. I hope that you enjoy it and please visit his site and read his novels as they are terrific Amazon literature. 

"Wolfy's Howl" Blog News

I recently switched from cable Net to DSL Net so I lost my access to my previous ISP's FTP server. Therefore, as my photo-stories and short-story libraries were hosted on the FTP server, I had to delete both libraries. I hope that most of you had a chance to read these stories. Sadly, I haven't found a way to put them back on the blog.


One of my biggest problems with art collecting is authors not signing their work. While I sometimes use unsigned art, I also would like to give the artist credit. So, if anybody thinks they know the artist of any unknown picture here, please leave me a comment on any of my posts. Thanks.

Thanks to everybody for making the blog a success.


Artist: White Coma

A Gladiatrix Speaks Out:

"[Men tell women it's not ladylike to wield a sword.] Well, ever the man in men! Let a woman know her place: let her milk and spin and sew and bake and bear children, not look upon her threshold or the command of her lord and master! Bah! I spit on you all!

There is no man alive who can face me with weapons and live, and before I die, I'll prove it to the world. Women! Cows! Slaves! Whimpering, cringing serfs, crouching to blows ...

Ha! You deny me a place among men? By God, I'll live as I please and die as God wills, but if I'm not fit to be a man's comrade, at least I'll be no man's mistress."

From: The Encylopedia Of Amazons, by Jessica Amanda Salmanson, p. 4.

"Close Quarters" by Bodak

"Close Quarters" by Bodak
"Not in strength are we inferior to men; the same our eyes, our limbs the same; one common light we see, one air we breathe, nor different is the food we eat. What then has heaven denied to us that the Gods have bestowed on men"? "Aethiops" by Quintus Smyrnus

Topless Duel

Topless Duel
Artist: Galerie Alter Meister, 1905


To download picture, right-click mouse on image, click "Save Picture As", name file, click "Save". All artworks here were downloaded from free galleries and are considered to be "Fair Use" as described above. My thanks to all artists who contributed to those galleries.

I have a huge and expanding collection of art and update this "Rotating Gallery" monthly.

"Last Charge Of The Amazons"

"Last Charge Of The Amazons"
Artist: Zpapageo

"Death Of Camilla" (Aenaeid)

"Death Of Camilla" (Aenaeid)
Artist: Maicar Forlag (Liebig Museum)


Artist: TalonGE

"Dragon Slayer"

"Dragon Slayer"
Source: wallpapers.net

"Neighborhood Watch"

"Neighborhood Watch"
Artist: Chris Achilleos