27 August 2014

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Queen Boadicea Rallying Her Army

Queen Boadicea Rallying Her Army
"Wait and see, what justice can be, delivered by a woman, mightier than thee!

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"Amazons Vs. Greeks" Battle by David Saccheri (click pic for hi-res)

"Amazons Vs. Greeks" Battle by David Saccheri (click pic for hi-res)
"You abduct our freakin' queen, steal our bleedin' horses, and then you have the cheek to ask us women to go out with ya?"

Monday, May 25, 2009

New Video: "Amazon Knights Of The Sangreal"

Please enjoy my latest music video, "Amazon Knights Of The Sangreal", on Vimeo.com. Down through the ages women warriors of royal blood have donned armour and taken up weapons as knights. They fought evil and vanquished injustices and we should honor them.

Please click the above title to jump to the video. I have also added it to the "Video Library" here. I would appreciate it if you would comment both here and on the video at You Tube.com, and don't forget to rate it. Thanks.

Wounded Warriors Project


As a Viet Nam veteran, I mourned on Memorial Day for my fallen comrades. But, I'm concerned that many Americans solemnly watched or attended that day's events without understanding what happened to the families of slain soldiers or disabled veterans. Sadly, many concert watchers were thinking, "Thank God my husband, wife, son, or daughter didn't have to fight in that hell-hole in the Mid-East."

The "Wounded Warrior Project" (http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/) is a non-profit organization, sanctioned by the V.A., that assists the families of V.A. patients. The W.W.P. provides free services such as emotional support, food denotations, performance of household chores, transportation to the V.A., and etc. to needy veterans' families. So, don't just thank veterans for serving; ask them what you can do to help them or just donate to the W.W.P.

Please, on this "Remembrance Day", never forget that someone gave their lives, more now are wheel-chair bound, and many of their families became impoverished, in the defense of our nation.

I especially want to thank America's military women for their devotion to democracy, their bravery, and their sacrifice so that we can remain free. To learn more about what servicewomen are doing today, please visit:
American: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ivcqybb6UWA.
International: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCmppOwVPFg

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Women Dragon Slayers

Please enjoy my latest (four so far and more to come) video upload to You Tube.com. Entitled "Women Dragon Slayers", it depicts brave women warriors fighting ferocious dragons. I selected some of the finest artworks from my personal collection and added the spine-tingling "In The Hall Of The Mountain King" music to the video.

Please click this post's title to jump to it. I have also added it to the blog's "Video Library". After you watch the video, please add your rating and comments to it so that my video's ranking on You Tube.com will rise. And, please reply to this post with your comments.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Amazons Video

I found an intersting video, "Proud Amazons" on You Tube that I thought that you all would enjoy. I think that you will see some art that you've haven't seen before and you'll like the Batman background music. I added this video to the "Video Library". Please click the link above to jump to the video.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Joan Of Arc: her story and her art

Today, May 8, French Catholics celebrate the liberation of Orleans, France by St. Joan of Arc. Never has one so young been the general of a nation's army nor sacrificed as much as she did for her king and country. So, in honor of this great woman warrior, and in tribute to the people of France, I invite you to view these two links:

1) "Joan of Arc" video from YouTube.com: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjGJyV98jFw. There are many videos on YouTube depicting her, but I think this one is quite lovely and is my favorite.

2) "Joan of Arc" tribute site: http://home.earthlink.net/~werewolfking/JoanOfArc/JoanOfArc.htm. This site is a multi-media presentation about Joan of Arc. Designed by yours truly, it's a summation of her life and accomplishments using text, art, and music.

I hope that you enjoy them and please leave your comments here.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Women Warriors Art Uploads: May 2009

Please enjoy two artworks depicting women fighting dragons, a thrilling gladiatrix piece by the renowned Poser artist Art Leslie, and an interesting 2D drawing showing a mounted warrioress on a dinosaur.

Visitors, please remember that my site is a blog and not a website. I not only want you to enjoy all the art, stories, videos, and links here, but also to reply with your comments to my posts. I would like to know your opinions about what I offer here and also to start threads about any subject in my posts that interest you. Please not only read the current posts, but feel free to browse the post archives. And, don't forget to vote in my poll.

It takes a lot of work to maintain this site. I analyze my visitor stats often and I know that I have thousands of visitors every month spending time here. This blog is always on page one or two of any relevant Google search so I know that it's popular. Please remember that with my blog feeding a lot of RSS feeds that your replies to my posts are not only seen here, but immediately on other art blogs as well.

I read every reply to this blog and only moderate to prevent spammers from posting here. If you have something to say, whether pro or con or just want to honk your horn about women warriors, please don't be shy and join in. Thanks!

"Wolfy's Howl" Blog News

I recently switched from cable Net to DSL Net so I lost my access to my previous ISP's FTP server. Therefore, as my photo-stories and short-story libraries were hosted on the FTP server, I had to delete both libraries. I hope that most of you had a chance to read these stories. Sadly, I haven't found a way to put them back on the blog.


One of my biggest problems with art collecting is authors not signing their work. While I sometimes use unsigned art, I also would like to give the artist credit. So, if anybody thinks they know the artist of any unknown picture here, please leave me a comment on any of my posts. Thanks.

Thanks to everybody for making the blog a success.


Artist: White Coma

A Gladiatrix Speaks Out:

"[Men tell women it's not ladylike to wield a sword.] Well, ever the man in men! Let a woman know her place: let her milk and spin and sew and bake and bear children, not look upon her threshold or the command of her lord and master! Bah! I spit on you all!

There is no man alive who can face me with weapons and live, and before I die, I'll prove it to the world. Women! Cows! Slaves! Whimpering, cringing serfs, crouching to blows ...

Ha! You deny me a place among men? By God, I'll live as I please and die as God wills, but if I'm not fit to be a man's comrade, at least I'll be no man's mistress."

From: The Encylopedia Of Amazons, by Jessica Amanda Salmanson, p. 4.

"Close Quarters" by Bodak

"Close Quarters" by Bodak
"Not in strength are we inferior to men; the same our eyes, our limbs the same; one common light we see, one air we breathe, nor different is the food we eat. What then has heaven denied to us that the Gods have bestowed on men"? "Aethiops" by Quintus Smyrnus

Topless Duel

Topless Duel
Artist: Galerie Alter Meister, 1905


To download picture, right-click mouse on image, click "Save Picture As", name file, click "Save". All artworks here were downloaded from free galleries and are considered to be "Fair Use" as described above. My thanks to all artists who contributed to those galleries.

I have a huge and expanding collection of art and update this "Rotating Gallery" monthly.

"Last Charge Of The Amazons"

"Last Charge Of The Amazons"
Artist: Zpapageo

"Death Of Camilla" (Aenaeid)

"Death Of Camilla" (Aenaeid)
Artist: Maicar Forlag (Liebig Museum)


Artist: TalonGE

"Dragon Slayer"

"Dragon Slayer"
Source: wallpapers.net

"Neighborhood Watch"

"Neighborhood Watch"
Artist: Chris Achilleos