27 August 2014

Queen Boadicea Rallying Her Army

Queen Boadicea Rallying Her Army
"Wait and see, what justice can be, delivered by a woman, mightier than thee!

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"Amazons Vs. Greeks" Battle by David Saccheri (click pic for hi-res)

"Amazons Vs. Greeks" Battle by David Saccheri (click pic for hi-res)
"You abduct our freakin' queen, steal our bleedin' horses, and then you have the cheek to ask us women to go out with ya?"

Friday, December 27, 2013

"Women Fencing In Cemetary" video

I just found this really great stage fencing demo of two women fencing in an indoor cemetary.  They are using rapiers and the ending is fatal.  Their technique is not half bad fencing so hope you enjoy it.  The video is located in my "Videos" section.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Nasibah: Woman Warrior Of Islam

A Woman Warrior Of Islam
************************ excerpted from the book
'The Ideal Muslimah' by Dr. Muhammad Ali Al Hashimi
One of the most distinguished women who took part in the battle of Uhud, if not the most distinguished of them, was Nasibah bint Ka'b al-Maziniyyah, Umm 'Umarah (May Allah be pleased with her). At the beginning of the battle, she was bringing water and tending the wounded, as the other women were doing. When the battle was going in the favour of the Muslims, the archers disobeyed the command of the Prophet (SAW), and this turned the victory into defeat, as the Qur'an described it:  "Behold! You were climbing up the high ground, without even casting a side glance at anyone, and the Messenger in your rear was calling you back..." 3:153 At this point, Nasibah went forward, with her sword unsheathed and her bow in her hand, to join the small group who were standing firm with the Prophet (SAW), acting as a human shield to protect him from the arrows of the mushrikin. Every time danger approached the Prophet (SAW) she hastened to protect him. The Messenger of ALlah (SAW) noticed this, and later said, "Wherever I turned, to the left or the right, I saw her fighting for me." Her son 'Umarah also described what happened on that tremendous day: "On that day, I was wounded in my left hand. A man who seemed to be as tall as a palm-tree struck me, then went away without pursuing me to finish me off. The blood began to flow copiously, so the Messenger of Allah (SAW) told me, 'Bind up your wound.' My mother came to me, and she was wearing a waist-wrapper, which she had brought, for the purpose of wrapping wounds. She dressed my wound, whilst the Prophet (SAW) was looking on. Then she told me, 'Get up, my son, and fight the people.'

The Prophet (SAW) said, 'Who could bear what you are putting up with, O Umm 'Umarah?' She said: The man who had struck my son came by, and the Messenger of ALlah (SAW) said, 'This is the one who struck your son.' I intercepted him and hit him in the thigh, and he collapsed. I saw the Messenger of ALlah (SAW) smiling so broadly that I could see his back teeth. He said, 'You have taken your revenge, O Umm 'Umarah!' Then we struck him with our weapons until we killed him, and the Prophet (SAW) said: 'Praise be to Allah (SWT), who granted you victory over him, gave you the satisfaction of taking revenge on your enemy, and let you see the vengeance for yourself." On this day, Nasibah herself received many wounds whilst she was fighting the people and striking their chests. The Prophet (SAW) saw her, and called to her son, "Your mother! Your mother! See to her wounds, may Allah (SWT) bless you and your household! Your mother has fought better than so-and-so." When his mother heard what the Prophet (SAW) said, she said, "Pray to Allah (SWT) that we may accompany you in Paradise." He said, "O Allah (SWT), make them my companions in Paradise." She said, " I do not care what befalls me in this world." Umm 'Umarah's jihad was not confined to the battle of Uhud.

She was also present on a number of other occasions, namely the treaty of 'Aqabah, Al-Hudaybiyah, Khaybar and Hunayn. Her heroic conduct at Hunayn was no less marvellous than her heroic conduct at Uhud. At the time of Abu Bakr's Khilafah, she was present at Al-Yamamah where she fought brilliantly and received eleven wounds as well as losing her hand. It is no surprise that the Prophet (SAW) gave her the good news that she would enter Paradise, and that she was later held in high esteem by the khalifah Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq and his commander Khalid ibn Al-Walid and then by 'Umar ibn al-Khattab (RA)!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

World Of Women Warriors video IS BACK

My popular "World Of Women Warriors" video was blocked by You Tube for months due the Net Nazis concerned about the copyrighted music that I used on it.  Finally, after I filed the second request to allow the music under the "Fair Use" provision of the U.S. Copyright Law, You Tube finally received permission to unblock it.  You will find this video in my video library.  If you haven't seen it, I invite you to view it as it was one of my best.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Legendary Amazons movie

I found a Chinese martial-arts movie on You Tube that depicts a group of Oriental Amazons fighting an army of male barbarians.  The link to Legendary Amazons, which I placed in my Video Library, has the full movie.  It has Chinese, Arabic, and English subtitles with Chinese audio.

The setting is medieval China and takes place outside of a castle which is defended by the women.  The Amazons use swords, spears, arrows, and unique weapons to attack the male horde.  I think that you will enjoy the fighting scenes, as they are some of the finest I've seen of this genre.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Boudica's Sack Of Londinium & Final Charge

I have uploaded a vid clip from a You Tube video from the A & E channel's docudrama, "Queen Boudica".  She was the queen of the Iceni tribe of the British Celts who revolted against the tyranny and taxation of the Roman Empire.  She rallied other tribes and together they nearly wiped out the Romans living in Britannia.

I have placed the clip in the "Video Library" under "Boudica". The clip shows two important and dramatic scenes:  1) her sacking the city of Londinium (London) and 2) her final heroic but futile charge against the Roman Legion sent to destroy her and her tribe.  I do hope that you not only watch this video but also rent the movie from Netflix as it's a fair presentation of her exploits but has a few historical errors.  And, nobody is quite sure how her and her two daughters perished in that final battle. 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Queen Boadicea Rallying Her Army

I uploaded a really fine drawing of Queen Boadicea rallying her army of Icenis and allies against the occupying Roman forces.  I like this render of her as it portrays her as a queen and war leader, and not some under dressed armed bimbo.  You can see from the picture that her arm respected her, but notice a couple of doubters.  I have placed the picture near the top of my art gallery.  Hope that you enjoy it and please post your comments here if you want to say something.

If you want to see a good historical movie about her, you may rent it from Netflix as "Warrior Queen".  It's produced by Masterpiece Theater of the BBS and it's a high-quality, mostly historically accurate portrayal of her mistreatment by the Romans and her bloody uprising and defeat.

She is greatly admired by the modern Britons as they have erected a bronze statue of her near London's Westminister Bridge.  It portrays her brandishing a spear in a two-horse chariot with her two daughters at her side.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Video: Naked Weapon (gladiatrix fights)

Please check out a really good Chinese gladiatrix video clip that I just added to the Video Library.  It's from the movie, "Naked Weapon", and features a number of thrilling and deadly duels by women fighters battling in groups.  The entire movie is available on You Tube if you want to see the whole film.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

"Death Of Camilla" painting

I have uploaded a classic painting, "Death Of Camilla", by Maikar Forlag (1927), housed in the Liebig Museum in Frankfort, Germany.  The scene is the Queen Of the Volscians, allies with the Latins against the invading Trojans, from the Aeneid.  She lies dying from a dart in the chest and is attended by her warriors.  Previously, she slew many Trojans with her battleaxe before being ambushed by Aruns, a priest she coveted for his splendid armour. I have placed the painting in my Art Gallery.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Pict Female Warrior Fights Roman Officer

I just uploaded a You Tube clip from the movie "Centurion" that depicts a duel between a Pict female warrior, fighting with a spear, against a captured Roman officer with a sword and armour.  I placed in my Video Library under "Centurion". Hope you like it as female Pict warrior videos are a rarity.

Friday, April 13, 2012

New Videos Added

I added some good female swordfights to the Video Library. "Amazons:  Hell Hath No Fury" is a battle between women warriors and pirates.  Next, a rare find, is "Camilla's Last Charge", a video clip from "The Last Glory Of Troy" depicting Queen Camilla's heroic charge against the Trojan invaders of Italia. "Broadsword Stage Fight" is a rehearsal duel but very realistic. "Burial Of The Rats" has a fantastic saber duel between a small number of women defenders against an army of male invaders. I also added the Brittany Spears Gladiatrix clip from her Pepsi commercial. Please check them out.

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I recently switched from cable Net to DSL Net so I lost my access to my previous ISP's FTP server. Therefore, as my photo-stories and short-story libraries were hosted on the FTP server, I had to delete both libraries. I hope that most of you had a chance to read these stories. Sadly, I haven't found a way to put them back on the blog.


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Artist: White Coma

A Gladiatrix Speaks Out:

"[Men tell women it's not ladylike to wield a sword.] Well, ever the man in men! Let a woman know her place: let her milk and spin and sew and bake and bear children, not look upon her threshold or the command of her lord and master! Bah! I spit on you all!

There is no man alive who can face me with weapons and live, and before I die, I'll prove it to the world. Women! Cows! Slaves! Whimpering, cringing serfs, crouching to blows ...

Ha! You deny me a place among men? By God, I'll live as I please and die as God wills, but if I'm not fit to be a man's comrade, at least I'll be no man's mistress."

From: The Encylopedia Of Amazons, by Jessica Amanda Salmanson, p. 4.

"Close Quarters" by Bodak

"Close Quarters" by Bodak
"Not in strength are we inferior to men; the same our eyes, our limbs the same; one common light we see, one air we breathe, nor different is the food we eat. What then has heaven denied to us that the Gods have bestowed on men"? "Aethiops" by Quintus Smyrnus

Topless Duel

Topless Duel
Artist: Galerie Alter Meister, 1905


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"Last Charge Of The Amazons"

"Last Charge Of The Amazons"
Artist: Zpapageo

"Death Of Camilla" (Aenaeid)

"Death Of Camilla" (Aenaeid)
Artist: Maicar Forlag (Liebig Museum)


Artist: TalonGE

"Dragon Slayer"

"Dragon Slayer"
Source: wallpapers.net

"Neighborhood Watch"

"Neighborhood Watch"
Artist: Chris Achilleos