27 August 2014

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Queen Boadicea Rallying Her Army

Queen Boadicea Rallying Her Army
"Wait and see, what justice can be, delivered by a woman, mightier than thee!

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"Amazons Vs. Greeks" Battle by David Saccheri (click pic for hi-res)

"Amazons Vs. Greeks" Battle by David Saccheri (click pic for hi-res)
"You abduct our freakin' queen, steal our bleedin' horses, and then you have the cheek to ask us women to go out with ya?"

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

About David Saccheri, "Amazons Vs. Greeks" painting

Here's some information about famed artist, David Saccheri, who drew the "Amazon Vs. Greeks" painting displayed on my blog. You may click this post's title to view the hi-res version if you haven't already seen it.

Email reply from WOA.tv: Hi Wolfy- We appreciate the feedback on the painting! A lot of work went into it. It was an original painting that woa.tv produced collaboratively together with its sister companies Rearden Studios and Ice Blink Studios, and we contracted with David Saccheri as the master painter of the final work. The production involved: 1. researching accurate period clothing, weapons, armor and architecture 2. hiring professional fight directors and actors/actresses to pose in realistic combat positions 3. renting costumes and weapons from Hollywood studios 4. photographing the actors/actresses in costume with weapons for foreground battles 5. creating 3D renderings of many of the background battles 6. then, having David select and composite the elements for reference and then hand-paint the scene artistically and dramatically 7. And, after that, there were several iterations between David and the production team and combat/historical experts until the scene was not only exciting and beautiful, but quite historically accurate and realistic, particularly taking into consideration what the fight directors (one of whom was a woman) felt would be the way that women would fight in that era. You may note details like the woman on the left driving her knee into the thigh of an opponent near an arrow wound. Given her smaller frame, there is the sort of opportunity a woman would exploit in close combat. In each case, we were unable to find an image that we felt accurately represented the historical characters, so we produced our own. We hope to produce more in the future. David does do commissioned artwork, but mostly portraiture. This was a unusual project for him, closer to the work that he has done for motion pictures [Star Trek I]while working for Ice Blink than his usual work, and as described above, it was a very complex production involving a large team. David’s website is: http://www.goldenhourart.com/. Best, Lisajo Cohen Executive Assistant Women of Action Media

Email from David Saccheri: I received a reply today from him. I changed this pic on my blog so that when you click on it, you will get the hi-res version. He informed me that he has no interest in uploading art to any free gallery or blog. (sigh). He does have a business relationship with WOA.tv, who did pay him for his work, but he earns a fine living as a cinema artist and does sell art from his Net gallery. In fact, other than WOA.tv and his Golden Hour Art gallery at http://goldenhourart.com he has no Net presence at all. He does promptly respond to email, so if any of you of you artist chaps want to ask him to donate art somewhere, please give it a go. And, if you are a collector, please give him a big thanks for allowing us to view his art. As for downloading his art, both WOA.tv and Mr. Saccheri have no problem with us downloading art from either WOA.tv or his own site. As always, the art must be for our own use, not sold, nor may we place hi-res art directly on our sites (we are being allowed to link to woa.tv for hi-res versions if we want).


Anonymous said...

The Amazons are dressed like Greek soldiers! This is so frustrating and inaccurate. They should be dressed in Anatolian Sarmatian/Sauromatian battle garb!

Wolfy said...

You have an excellent point on the way the Amazon warriors were dressed. While several of the women are seen fighting with the labrys, the two-headed axe traditional with Amazons, as well as a few spears, I was surprised not to see more use of the bow which was their prefered weapon. The short swords, seen being used by some women, really wasn't their prefered weapon.

As to their garb, sadly Mr. Saccheri didn't dress the Amazons in the more traditional dresses seen on stoas and vase paintings. And, the peaked caps seen on Amazons was replaced by Grecian helmets. Their shields, although round bucklers and not as large as the large shields used by Greeks, still lacked the half-moon shape drawn by the ancient artists.

However, despite these few flaws, the painting still is a superb battle rendering.

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Ha! You deny me a place among men? By God, I'll live as I please and die as God wills, but if I'm not fit to be a man's comrade, at least I'll be no man's mistress."

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"Close Quarters" by Bodak

"Close Quarters" by Bodak
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"Last Charge Of The Amazons"

"Last Charge Of The Amazons"
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"Death Of Camilla" (Aenaeid)
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"Dragon Slayer"

"Dragon Slayer"
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"Neighborhood Watch"

"Neighborhood Watch"
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